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"Selecting the most suitable carpet for your home can sometimes be a daunting task. So, Here's some useful advice to help you. If you have any further questions, please contact us."

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Carpet Materials

There are many different materials that are used in manufacturing carpets; at Carpet King we will help you to make a decision for what is most suitable for your home and in terms of wear and your needs from your new flooring. To further assist this we have compiled a short overview of the most popular materials stocked in Carpet King to help in your selection and establishing the most suitable carpet materials for you.


A wool rich carpet gives unbeatable luxury, combining softness with durability. For discerning consumers and well known contract installations, a blend of at least 80% wool is the preferred choice. Wool rich carpets grace some of the most prestigious locations and homes in the world. Wool carpets have been around for over a hundred years and there are many reasons why it is still regarded as one of the best floor coverings materials. Key benefits of wool rich carpets include resilience, excellent appearance retention, insulation, impact sound reduction, naturally fire retardant, and its ease of maintenance through wool being naturally ‘soil hiding’; so it appears cleaner. Wool rich carpets are often blended with 20% man-made fibres to offer additional pile support and properties to ensure your luxury carpet lasts longer in your home.


Polypropylene is a by product of petroleum refining. It is chemically inert which makes it very resistant to fading, and are surprisingly very similar to wool in feel. Many consumers find it very difficult to tell wool and polypro carpets apart, however upon closer examination you will find wool carpets tend to have more random flecks as part of the natural characteristic. Of all the man made carpet fibres available, Polypropylene is one of the most popular. This is due to a number of reasons, the first being it’s chemical fastness which makes it the most stain resistant fibre on the market - it will even tolerate bleach and battery acid!

Polyamide (or Nylon)

Regarded as the hardest wearing synthetic fibre, durable and resilient, polyamide carpets are also one of the nicest feeling man-made carpets produced, especially comfortable for bedrooms. You don’t tend to find any particularly ‘earthy’ colours among Polyamide carpets, however vibrant colours and bold designs do tend to be commonplace. Another benefit of Polyamide carpets is that you will find luxury pile height creating a Saxony or shag pile carpet; such a characteristic is not cost effective with wool rich carpets. Over the years Nylon carpets have changed dramatically and one inherent characteristic is the ‘bouncebackability’ of the fibres, created through the twisting of the fibres so the pile acts as a type of spring that stretches out again once pressure has been alleviated. As the fibres are man-made, Polyamide is also very stain resistant without having to be treated by any anti-stain products. A common misconception is the Polyamide/Nylon carpets create anti-static shocks, however this is not true.


Polyester carpets can look similar to wool carpets when first fitted and in terms of durability, polyester carpets are second best to Nylon carpets, still very durable however the appearance of being matted can happen with time. Easy to maintain and very highly stain resistant. Prices tend to be slightly cheaper than Polyamide, however can fluctuate with the price of oil.

Types of Carpet Pile

Twist Pile

twist pile

Twist pile carpets are currently the most popular type of carpet in the market place. Constructed by twist the yarn tightly together which will create a course rugged finish, normally very hard wearing. Varying widths are available for different ranges, and colours can be found from all across the rainbow, also incorporating heathered effects, flecked carpets and an extensive selection of neutrals and beiges.

Loop Pile (Berbers)

loop pile

Loop pile carpets when fitted on flat areas (not stairs), are very durable hard wearing carpets. The loops are created by the yarn being tufted back on itself instead of cut, this prevents footprints showing up and also adds a bit of definition to your floor. Different manufacturers and ranges use different designs and pile heights to create unique textured effects, very contemporary and increasingly popular.

Cut andLoop

loop pile

As the name suggests, this is made using both Cut twist pile and loop piles throughout the carpet to create a very unique design and textured floor covering.

Shag Pile

loop pile

Manufacturer in the same way as a cut pile carpet but with extra long tufts that create a luxurious and warm feeling super shaggy carpet. Perfect for bedrooms.


loop pile

Has a deep pile with a pronounced sensuous feel, comprising of a twisted cut pile uniform finish. Saxony carpets are dense soft carpets, and therefore are not suitable for high traffic areas due to be prone to flattening.


loop pile

Velvet carpets are very elegant, smooth pile finished carpets that tend to be dense in pile quantity to provide a high quality, hard wearing floor covering. Velvet carpets are typically prone to shading as a disadvantage, however certainly offer a solid colour to your floor with luxury; often compared to a suede finish.


loop pile

An axminster style carpet is a machine woven cut pile carpet, comprises of individual pieces of yarn being woven using a weft. Axminster carpets are renowned for their durability and quality. Axminster carpets tend to be patterned in both traditional styles or contemporary designs.


loop pile

Wilton carpets are good quality carpets, normally with up to five colours per design. Normally of a cut pile design and different to an axminster because Wiltons have continuous stretches of yarn running through the carpet as opposed to individual short tufts woven in.

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