A basic guide to measuring a room

"At Carpet King we understand the difficulties in measuring, quantifying and installing carpets and vinyls."

Helpful measuring guidelines from Carpet King

At Carpet King we understand the difficulties in measuring, quantifying and installing carpets and vinyls.

Carpet King will be pleased to offer these services, especially measuring and advice on underlays, door trims, grippers and adhesives required, prior to you purchase. However if you would like to measure your room please see below our basic measuring guide.

To establish how much carpet or vinyl you will require you will first need to measure your room or area. In order to do this, you must simply measure the room at its longest and widest point. A key point to remember is to take into consideration door checks and alcoves; it is much better to have too much material than too little! (see example above) Once you have established your sizes; you should add 10 centimetres (4 inches) onto each measurement; this is to allow for cutting, trimming and adjusting your carpet or vinyl when fitting to ensure a quality installation.

In summary, if your room is 4.8m x 3.9m, you will require 4.9m x 4m of carpet or vinyl.

At Carpet King there are hundreds of carpets and vinyls in stock, in a large variety of sizes, suitable for any area in your home.

Please download one of diagrams below, print off then draw your room onto the chart, remembering to include any door checks, alcoves or cupboards that also require carpet or vinyl. Once you have done this, please bring it in to one of our sales staff who will be only too happy to help with selecting something suitable for you, and providing you with an estimate.

Download portrait format chart Download landscape format chart

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