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Carpet King terms and conditions Published: May 16th 2011

Carpet King terms and conditions
Published: May 16th 2011

Terms and conditions for use of the Carpet King website
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At Carpet King we pride ourselves on providing an excellent fitting service with various options

Standard Fitting Service – our standard fitting service is based on the area being clear of furniture and the old floor coverings and underlays if required uplifted and the room prepared for installation.

Premier Fitting Service – the premier fitting service is based on the area being clear of furniture, our fitters will then uplift the carpeting and underlays where required, and install the floor coverings.

Ultimate Fitting Service – our ultimate fitting service is based on our carpet fitters having to move the furniture out of the room, uplift the existing carpet, fit the new carpeting and replace the furniture. We do ask that small items of furniture are taken out of the room and bookcases are emptied. Specialist electrical equipment should be disconnected and reconnected by the customer.

Installation of vinyls – again we offer the same types of installation as in our carpet fitting section i.e., standard, premier and ultimate.

Disposal – our carpet fitters will be pleased to remove the existing floor coverings and dispose of them for a disposal charge.

Delivery – carpets are bulky items and it is not recommended to put large carpets on car roofs etc., we have a specialist delivery service, your floor coverings can be delivered direct to your door for a nominal charge.

Measuring and estimating – we have a free measuring and estimating service, Carpet King is committed to providing the best customer service, and all our estimators are trained to give advice on the flooring types, suitability, advice on the type of underlay and trims to purchase, and will provide a full written quotation at no cost

Terms and conditions – at Carpet King we try to give the best possible value and service at all times, the following terms and conditions explain how we handle your order and they should be read carefully

  1. Payment

    A 20% deposit will be required at time of order, the balance of the purchase price of the goods and services must be paid by you within 14 days of our notifying you that we are holding the goods ready for delivery/installation or in any event a minimum of 24 hours before installation. If payment is made by cheque this period is extended to 4 days prior to delivery/installation to allow for cheque clearance through the banking system. If the customer wishes to make other arrangements this must be discussed with the company at time of sale.

  2. VAT

    All prices quoted are inclusive of VAT at the prevailing rate

  3. Delivery

    If we are delivering only the goods, this must be affected within 4 weeks of notification of availability or purchase, whichever is the sooner. Delivery will be arranged within our normal delivery areas on designated days, we are not normally able to accommodate requests for specifically timed deliveries; however, we will be able to give an approximate time of delivery. Delivery of goods will be deemed to have taken place when they are taken from the Company’s vehicle at the customers delivery address. Whilst the Company always exercise great care and consideration whilst on customer’s property the Company cannot, under any circumstances accept liability for any occurrence that may take place thereon. The customer must inspect the flooring on delivery and advise the Company of any shortage or damage, should this not be practical because of packaging etc., written notification must be sent within 3 days of delivery. Reasonable access must be provided, but if access to the property is not possible by normal means, alternative arrangements such as the use of hoists or lifting tackle may be necessary at the risk and cost to the customer. Any cancellations of deliveries less than 24 hours prior to delivery will be subject to a cancellation charge.

  4. Installation

    Fittings are based on the understanding that the floors have been prepared for fitting and the rooms are clear of furniture, except where a premier or ultimate fitting has been organised. Our carpet fitters are all extremely well trained qualified tradesmen, and will always exercise great care and consideration while on the customer’s property. The Company cannot under any circumstance accept liability for any occurrence that may take place thereon. The customer should inspect the installation and advise the Company of any fault or shortage on the delivery note. Any cancellations of installations less than 24 hours prior to the installation will be subject to a cancellation charge of £1.50 per square metre for carpeting and vinyls.

  5. Storage

    If the customer is unable to take delivery of the flooring when they become available, storage can be arranged free of charge for a maximum period of 4 weeks providing the outstanding balance has been paid within 14 days of time of notification of availability. Storage for longer periods can be made at the Company’s discretion and will be subject to charge.

  6. Delivery dates

    Where a floor covering has been specially ordered, all dates quoted at the time of sale are made in good faith, and whilst every effort will be made to honour them, it must be recognised that they are estimates only, and consequently the Company cannot accept any liability or damage claims resulting from overdue deliveries.

  7. Cancellations

    The customer is reminded that all orders placed with, and accepted by the company form part of a legally binding contract and all floor coverings, either specially ordered or cut from stock rolls cannot be cancelled once they are progressed. We will only consider cancellations/changes to the order if we receive a written request to do so before the goods have been cut from our own stocks or prior to despatch from the manufacturer, we cannot accept cancellations after this stage. We may only cancel your order if we are unable to supply the floor coverings due to any cause beyond our reasonable control. In any event of cancellation, an order by either party the Company’s liability will be limited to a refund of any monies paid.

  8. Customer’s own sizes

    Where a customer has purchased a floor covering and it is subsequently discovered that the customer’s own sizes were incorrect, the Company may exchange the goods subject to a 25% handling charge on the original floor covering value, this clause is at the Manager’s discretion.

  9. Title

    All floor coverings supplied to the customer by Carpet King remain the property of the Company until such time as payment in full has been received and cleared through the banking system. In the event of the customer being in default of payment, the Company may remove the goods. The customer will grant the Company irrevocable permission to enter the premises at any time to examine or recover the floor coverings.

  10. Credit agreements

    All applications for credit will be processed as quickly as possible, however, no goods paid for in this way can be delivered, supplied or ordered from our suppliers until credit approval has been received.

  11. Stair Carpeting

    It is recommended that all stair carpets be carefully laid down with proper padding on the nosing of the stair. Periodic shifting is essential to ensure even distribution of ware and should take place at least once a year. The pile of the carpet should run downwards so that when the carpet is brushed towards the foot of the stairs the surface is quite unruffled.

  12. Shading

    All pile carpets, especially Plain, Berber and Heather effects are liable to shading, with the appearance of light and dark patches arising from unequal crushing of the surface, such as in plus or velvet. Shading is an inherent characteristic. This tendency is not detrimental to the wear of the carpet and not due to a manufacturing fault. The Company cannot accept any responsibility for this effect.

"Carpet King offers a selection of over 300 roll ends at any one time in all sorts of sizes, colours and types of carpets as well as over 60 rolls of stock carpet and 20 rolls of stock vinyls for kitchens and bathrooms, in all the popular designs, colours and sizes."

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